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Yokasuka Japan-diving party
Transferring Marines From LTV to Peter Boat: Korea March 1953

USS TALLADEGA (APA 208), 1944-1982

USS Talladega, a 12,450-ton Haskell class attack transport, was built at Richmond, California. Commissioned in October 1944, she served in the Pacific during the rest of World War II, landing troops on Iwo Jima in February 1945 and carrying reserve forces during the Okinawa Invasion. After Japan surrendered, she transported troops to support the Occupation effort. In late 1945 and early 1946, Talladega participated in "Magic Carpet" operations to bring U.S. veterans home. She was placed out of commission in December 1946. Re commissioned in December 1951, Talladega served in the Pacific and off Korea during the rest of the Korean War. After the end of that conflict, she remained active with the Pacific Fleet, making several deployments to the western Pacific. In 1965-67, she supported Vietnam War amphibious operations and provided general transportation services. USS Talladega was decommissioned in July 1969, after being re designated LPA-208 earlier that year. Permanently transferred to Maritime Administration custody in 1971, she was sold for scrapping in October 1982.

 USS Talladega Reunion


Shipmates it is that time of year to start planning for the 30th Annual Reunion.

When - Oct. 24 -28 - 2016

Place - San Diego, CA.

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Talladega Monument

Monument at Courthouse in Talladega, Al.DSCF8320

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